Application Development

Application Development

Be it mobile or desktop, open-source or proprietary, cloud or on-premise, we can be your right application partner. We have built applications on the popular platforms from below.

How we do it

  • Discover

    A series of quality discussions with the stakeholders including Business, IT and Users of the application to understand and document their requirements, the origin of the requirements, experienced pains, and expected results. This phase captures essentially the User Journey of the process/functionality we are going to develop. Fundamental principle – do not ask what they want; but observe what they need.

  • Design

    The first step in this service is to establish a charter, which defines the scope and responsibilities for this service. This is followed by developing Wireframes and Mockups to get the actual look of the application – the UI & UX – and design the architecture in accordance with the planned look & feel. The main philosophy we follow is to “Build what is necessary” as we believe “Just because a software has many features, doesn't mean that it's useful”. The extra options could interfere with the workflow.

  • Develop

    Develop with the user in mind! Provide a great User Experience. When developing an application, the User requirements are the priority – neither technology nor developers’ preferences. Hence, we focus on building applications that gives importance to security, performance, scalability and growth.

  • Deploy

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